DCAS Exams

What is DCAS The Department of Citywide Administrative Services (DCAS) ensures that City agencies have the critical resources and support needed to provide the best possible services to the public. What Does DCAS Stand For? DCAS stands for the New York City Department of Citywide Administrative Services, the City agency...Read more

International SEO

International SEO is the best way to target different countries for source of organic traffic from google, bing, yahoo and other search engines. To promote or brand your web site in different countries to get good traffic. International SEO Checklist Check in 4 steps where you stand with your SEO...Read more

Social Bookmarking Sites 2017

What is Social Bookmarking Social bookmarking is a centralized online service which allows users to add, annotate, edit, and share bookmarks of web documents. Many online bookmark management services have launched since 1996; Delicious, founded in 2003, popularized the terms “social bookmarking” and “tagging”. What is the purpose of a...Read more

Epremium Renters Insurance

ePremium’s IRIS renters insurance platform was designed, developed and continues to operate based on client-driven business requirements. Our H04 renters insurance products have been customized with additional liability enhancements and endorsements to address the multifamily housing industry’s needs. As a result, we offer the most comprehensive renters insurance policies on...Read more